TSURUGI Regular Volume

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all-round shoes with comfort and high performance.
<TSURUGI’s green and purple are the same specifications.>

 Your feet are so comfortable and cozy when you wear that shoes why as it’s using 2 mm synthetic leather which does not need lining. That synthetic leather softly wraps your feet and You can climb without feeling stress while climbing. So MASASTU rubber maintains high friction in wide range of temperature, rubber covering the toe box is a dramatic to-hooking, spontaneously aggressive down toe exert on vertical and overhung with original last, Increased stability of heel hook by thick sling shot. you can get your way.

The meaning of MASATSU is friction. It is a direct name, because we are confident of this rubber. This rubber maintains high friction in wide range of temperature, humidity and surroundings. MASATSU is a rubber that realizes both durability and high performance.

・4mm MASATSU/SP rubber

・0.8mm midsole

・Synthentic leather (Microsuede) upper

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 16 × 10 cm

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