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It is MAGATAMA that developed based on the opinion “I want to wear more easily” from the climber who wore TSURUGI. There are many specifications to prevent slip-on-specific unintended removal. The soft synthetic leather used for the upper does not feel unpleasant tightening and restrains the foot, The flexibility of the ankles was reduced but a great heel cup was born. Significantly reduced the chance of the shoes coming off unexpectedly when using the heel. follow your intuition. when you suddenly want to climb, It is easy to wear and Even while wearing, this shoe does not stress you.

Product Details
・made in Korea
・size : eur36 – eur43
・outsole : 4mm
・midsole : 0.8mm
・rubber : Masatsu SP
・profile : aggressive
・upper : synthetic leather / 2mm
・weight (shoe) / g : 0 – 200
重さ 1 kg
サイズ 33 × 16 × 10 cm



EUR36, EUR37, EUR37.5, EUR38, EUR39, EUR39.5, EUR40, EUR41, EUR41.5, EUR42, EUR42.5, EUR43